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NALA announces Advanced Paralegal Certification Program for Personal Injury Paralegals!

The Advanced Paralegal Certification Board has announced that a comprehensive new program on Personal Injury will be completed by March 1, 2010. The Personal Injury Core Course, a prerequisite to certification in specific PI practice areas, is now available and open for registration to all those seeking this advanced credential.
The addition of the Personal Injury certification increases the number of ACP certifications from the current 7 to 15. This is the most extensive APC program offered to date.
Paralegals seeking advanced certification in Personal Injury must be Certified Paralegals in good standing, must successfully complete a Personal Injury pre-test, and the PI Core Course. Those who have ACP credentials in Discovery and Trial Practice are exempt from the pre-test prerequisite. The core course program covers “Elements of a PI Case,” “Investigating PI Claims,” “Experts,” “Negotiating and Settlement,” and “Presenting the PI Claim at Trial.”

ACP certification credentials will be awarded in the following practice areas. The practice area courses and the PI Core Course may also be taken as advanced continuing education for those not pursuing the ACP credential:

  • ACP Automobile Accidents
  • ACP Entity Medical Liability
  • ACP Individual Medical Liability
  • ACP Intentional Torts
  • ACP Premises Liability
  • ACP Product Liability
  • ACP Workers’ Compensation
  • ACP Wrongful Death

Once a Certified Paralegal completes the PI Core Course and all eight practice area courses the paralegal may be awarded the ACP Personal Injury credential.

Advanced Paralegal Certification Program for Personal Injury Paralegals

More information on this sweeping ACP program is available on the NALA Website.

CP Exam Computerized

“The Certified Paralegal Examination will transition from a paper-and-pencil test to computer-based testing in 2010,” according to Karen Trumpower, ACP, NALA Certifying Board Chair. “The first computer-based CP exam is anticipated for September,” she said. She was joined by NALA President Linda Wolf, ACP, in praising this evolution of NALA’s definitive professional certification exam for paralegals.
“Our Association has always pushed the boundaries in advancing educational opportunities and professional esteem for paralegals,” Ms. Wolf said. “Adoption of computer-based testing for the Certified Paralegal credential emphasizes our dedication to progress in the 21st Century that was highlighted in 2006 when we launched the Internet-based Advanced Paralegal Certification program.”
Ms. Trumpower said the Certifying Board considered the many factors involved in the transition to the new format, and will continue to monitor the new process to ensure the best possible outcomes for paralegals seeking professional certification.
The new exam format will be available at all of the NALA testing centers across the nation, greatly expanding accessibility of the exam to more than 200 locations. Further details on this program will be posted on the NALA Website as they become available.

Watch your NALA mail and the web site for more details about this exciting development.

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